Monday, May 25, 2009

Trainer Profile

Megat Zainurul Anuar bin Megat Johari

Megat Zainurul Anuar bin Megat Johari is uniquely positioned between the business technology and career education worlds. After graduating from MARA University (UiTM) he concentrates on the information communication technology field and has achieved success in his own career. In addition as a regular blogger ( he tracks over 40 industry blogs related to venture capital, technology, and marketing strategy in order to stay current on this dynamic industry.

Megat is actively involve in promoting 'Open Source Software (OSS)' Implementation in Malaysia through collaboration with United Nation Development Programme (UNDP-IOSN), National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN), Open University Malaysia, Asia e University and Open Source Competency Centre (MAMPU-OSCC) Malaysia. He has successfully organize three(3) events on 'Asia Open Source Software-Master Trainer' in Malaysia, two(2) events on LPI Certification with United Nation Development Programme (International Open Source Network) and many others with local universities in Malaysia.

In the international arena, Megat has involved as a trainer in the 'Train the Trainer' at Asia e University ( to train the delegates form Indonesia on the 'Information Security Management' and other related fields. In the year 2007,2008 and April 2009 he is actively involved as a trainer in the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme(MTCP) which was held in the National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN) to train the MTCP participant from various countries in the field of 'Knowledge Management, Open Source Implementation (Using Content Management System) and Project Management.

Megat also has an extensive track record of working on new approaches to career development in public and government sector. He is currently attached with Dreamsoft (M) Sdn Bhd ( as a 'New Media' director and collaborated with EDG Corporation to create the training and development for ICT and business organization. Megat’s experience as a board member, mentor, adviser and speaker for EDG Corporation 'Entrepreneur Development' program—which is a based program aimed at mentoring, coaching and educating young people with an interest in business. He has also given several talks to universities, public sector employees on Knowledge Management, Career Development, Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship.


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